Living in the UK
But while finding the right university should be very high up on an international student’s checklist, it will not be the only consideration. So what is living in the UK really like? All four of the UK's constituent states (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) enjoy areas of outstanding natural beauty, and the nation’s storied and colorful past means that there’s no shortage of history – also evidenced in the idiosyncratic customs and traditions you’ll almost definitely encounter. And wherever you’re stationed, the country’s relatively diminutive dimensions mean you can easily hop on a train or in a car (just remember to drive on the left) and be somewhere completely different in less than an hour. There’s plenty going on culturally too: the contemporary live music scene is vibrant and varied, London is one of the world’s fashion capitals, and there’s no shortage of higher cultural activities should that be more up your alley.

If you fancy something a little less taxing on the mind, you can embrace the national passion for sport (football, rugby, cricket, boxing, motorsport, and tennis amongst others) or the classic British pastime of just going out. And even the traditionally questionable British cuisine has undergone something of a renaissance in recent years, so you need no longer fear the tough meat and boiled vegetables of yesteryear. Britain enriched by cuisine from around the globe whether you prefer Arabic, Asian or European you can easily find all catering service to fulfil your hunger for trying something new.


Accommodation in UK
One of the important things that a student arriving in the United Kingdom will have to consider is accommodation. Finding suitable accommodation is not always easy and students should try and ensure that they have arranged accommodation before coming to UK, even if only temporary. This is of great importance for students with families as they may encounter some difficulty finding suitable accommodation.

Students looking for accommodation have a choice of three options depending on their circumstances and needs. Student accommodation offered by the college/university, usually in traditional halls of residence with shared facilities and catering provided, or increasingly, in self-catering halls or flats where students can prepare and cook. Majority of first year students choose to live in this type of accommodation which is mainly suitable for single students.

Student Accommodation offered by Independent developers, usually in single or shared rooms, some provide meals, often at subsidized rates while others provide kitchen facilities for self-catering. Electricity, gas and water usage are generally included in the overall cost. In most cases a small furnished bedroom is provided with access to shared laundry, bathroom, lounge and other facilities.

Student accommodation that caters for students can be fully booked by the beginning of the academic year so it is important to make enquiries before your arrival. This type of accommodation is suitable for single students who would like to meet other students in a similar situation. If you decide on this type of student accommodation, look at two or three different ones and compare them before making a decision.

Private rented accommodation is suitable for any type of student, many second and third year students prefer to live more independently in a self-contained flat or house, which is usually shared with others. This type of accommodation can be in a lodging (renting a room from a landlord/lady and sharing facilities with them and their family, including eating); a bed sit (renting a room in a house and sharing basic facilities with other tenants); or even sharing with other students/friends in a property.

Rented accommodation is most suitable for students with families or groups of students who would like to live with people they know. However arrangements for this type of accommodation cannot usually be made from abroad and many students prefer to visit such accommodation before they rent. Students with a family should look for accommodation well in advance. It is usually best if only one member of the family comes to the UK to find accommodation, and the rest of the family follows later when arrangements have been made. There are options for studios within the purpose built student accommodation described above where independent developers can provide suitable family based studio flats for students with families. Student accommodation UK has a list of Private accommodations for you to check. You can search for accommodation using our search facility and contact the landlord/lady and arrange meeting with them on your arrival to UK to save you time and effort when you arrive here in the United Kingdom.


Whatever your accommodation need you may have here at StudyWays we can find and make necessary arrangements to suit your needs.